San Mateo County Criminal Defense Lawyers

Jackson Law is a Bay Area based criminal defense law firm committed to defending the rights of our clients in the criminal justice system. Our attorneys work tirelessly to obtain the best possible results for each and every client. Every one of our clients receives a thoughtful and well constructed legal defense that represents the client's best interests. When you call Jackson Law, you will be afforded the opportunity to speak directly with our attorneys, rather than an associate or paralegal. The experienced San Mateo criminal defense attorneys at Jackson Law will listen to your concerns and make sure you understand your individual legal rights, as well as the procedures and pitfalls of the criminal justice process. The attorneys at Jackson Law personally handle each and every aspect of their cases and will provide the following to every client:

  • a thorough investigation of the prosecution's case against you;
  • thorough interviews of any and all witnesses;
  • thorough review and presentation of any and all necessary motions;
  • thorough investigation of all defenses; and
  • vigorous personal representation at all stages of the criminal proceedings.

Jackson Law is comprised of seasoned criminal defense attorneys who will ensure that your voice is heard throughout the court proceedings. We view it as a team effort between the attorney and the client. Each attorney in our office has over thirteen years experience and will provide every client with an aggressive and zealous defense. We understand the effect a criminal investigation and charge has on you, your family, your employment, and your freedom. The San Mateo criminal defense lawyers at Jackson Law provide top-notch legal defense and will do everything in their power to provide the representation you deserve in order to best protect your rights and the interests of you and your family.

Our attorneys handle all types of felony cases, including sex assault cases (including rape, sexual battery, human trafficking, pimping and pandering, child pornography, indecent exposure, assault), homicide, robbery, burglary, theft, drug possession, drug sales, drug trafficking, domestic violence, assault, battery, aggravated assault, prostitution cases, weapons charges, gang related cases, identity theft cases (including possession of an access card, credit card fraud, forgery), embezzlement and driving under the influence cases (DUIs). We also handle all types of misdemeanor cases, including DUIs, domestic violence, theft, driving on a suspended license, assault and battery, drug possession, and identity theft.

A major focus for our attorneys is on obtaining alternatives to a normal jail sentence for substance abuse cases. We understand the needs of our clients in these areas and will find treatment options.

Our office is located in downtown Redwood City (San Mateo County). However, in addition to San Mateo County, our attorneys practice in Santa Clara County, San Francisco County, Alameda County, Napa County, Sonoma County, Contra Costa County, Santa Cruz County and Monterey County.

If you are being investigated for a criminal offense, or have been charged with a criminal offense, and want to know how to best proceed, please contact the San Mateo criminal defense attorneys at Jackson Law online or call Jackson Law at 650-587-8556.

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