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Strategies for Defense in Criminal Cases

At Jackson Law, we understand that facing criminal charges can be a daunting experience. It is crucial to know that there are several defense strategies available that can be used to challenge the accusations. Here, we explore common defenses that may be employed to protect your rights and secure a fair outcome in your case.

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Innocence Claims

Often, the central argument in a defendant’s case is a simple declaration: “I did not commit the crime.” Jackson Law is adept at building strong cases to support our clients’ claims of innocence.

Presumed Innocence and Burden of Proof

The cornerstone of the American justice system is the presumption of innocence; everyone charged with a crime is considered innocent until proven guilty. This principle obligates the prosecution to establish a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Defendants are not required to testify or present evidence; the onus is on the prosecutor to prove the allegations are true. If reasonable doubt persists, our clients walk free.

Reasonable Doubt Standard

The proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” is an incredibly high standard to meet and is designed to favor the defendant. If any doubts about the evidence’s meaning arise, they should benefit the accused. At Jackson Law, we scrutinize the prosecution’s case for any ambiguity or uncertainty to reinforce the presumption of innocence.

Establishing an Alibi

An alibi defense is vital when evidence indicates that a defendant was elsewhere at the crime’s time, rendering their involvement impossible. Our attorneys at Jackson Law are skilled in presenting credible alibi evidence, from witness testimonies to digital records.

Justifications for the Crime

In certain cases, our clients may admit to the act but offer legal justifications, such as self-defense, for their actions.


Self-defense is permissible when a person reasonably perceives an imminent threat of harm and uses appropriate force to prevent it. Our legal team at Jackson Law works meticulously to demonstrate the necessity and reasonableness of our clients’ actions in self-defense claims.

The Insanity Plea

The insanity defense acknowledges that mental illness can impair a person’s ability to distinguish right from wrong, thereby mitigating responsibility. Jackson Law can engage forensic experts to support insanity defenses, ensuring that the complexities of such a plea are handled with the utmost care.

Influence of Substances

Voluntary intoxication is seldom an acceptable defense, but certain charges requiring specific intent may be mitigated if we can demonstrate that our clients were too impaired to form such intent. Although not a complete exoneration, this may reduce the severity of the charges faced.


When an individual is coerced into committing a crime by government agents, an entrapment defense may come into play. We assess the evidence to ascertain whether the client was actually predisposed to the criminal behavior or if they were unlawfully enticed by authorities.

At Jackson Law, our commitment is to provide a robust defense for each of our clients, exploring every avenue to protect their rights and freedoms. If you or someone you know is confronting criminal charges, don’t hesitate to contact us at 650-587-8556 for legal support.

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