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Understanding Your Rights: Domestic Violence and Civil Lawsuits

As you consider the legal avenues available to you in the aftermath of domestic violence, Jackson Law is here to provide guidance and support. Knowing your rights and options is crucial in holding your abuser accountable for their actions.

Is it Possible to Pursue a Civil Lawsuit Against My Abuser for the Injuries Sustained?

In certain cases, yes. The concept of a “tort” refers to an instance when one individual causes harm to another. If you have been injured due to a tort, you may have the right to sue the responsible party for damages. These civil wrongs may overlap with criminal offenses. For example, both battery and other forms of domestic violence can be regarded as torts, potentially subjecting the abuser to both civil and criminal consequences.

A notable civil lawsuit in history is Goldman v. Simpson, whereby Ron Goldman’s family successfully pursued civil damages against O.J. Simpson following his acquittal in criminal court.

Historically, suing a family member for personal injuries was viewed unfavorably as it was believed to encourage familial discord. Modern perspectives have shifted as many states now recognize that such torts often reflect pre-existing family issues. Therefore, laws have evolved to allow family members to take legal action against one another, whether they remain legally bound by marriage or post-separation.

Still, some states retain restrictions on intra-family lawsuits. Exceptions to these prohibitions may arise, particularly with intentional torts—purposeful actions that cause harm. Domestic violence, including assault, battery, and psychological torment, typically falls under this category of intentional torts.

Should you have been harmed by a family member through such acts, Jackson Law is here to advocate for your rights. We understand the sensitivity of these matters and are prepared to navigate the complexities of your case with the utmost care and legal acumen.

For a confidential consultation regarding your situation, please contact Jackson Law at 650-587-8556. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you seek justice and the compensation you deserve.

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